New books


Educative books for children and youngsters

United Press Global has developed two educative series for our young readers. Both series introduce various countries around the world  offering structured overview about their history, life style and geography. Books contain also insights to literature, art and music, including popular culture.
For younger children (at the age of 10­­–14) there  is an attractive, abundantly illustrated series  Colourful World telling country by country cultural stories and most important historical, political and geographical facts.

For high school students and young adults we have designed more elegant and sensible series Discover by Reading, where we are trying to avoid cliches and offer more thorough, but still easily readable infromation about diversity of the world.

Both series are useful and reliable material for secondary and high school students and teachers. All our authors have profound knowledge of their area. Most of them have academic background, they are beloved lecturers or highly aknowledged translators, journalists etc.

All books follow a certain structure, but each of them  is different and presents the individuality of the selected country.

Enjoy your reading and diversity of cultures!